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Beauty On Duty Services, one of the Bhopal's first and foremost home salon service provider with a network of expert beauty professionals in bhopal since October 2016, has acquired beauty on duty to leverage the rapidly growing home salon and beauty services in bhopal. Now we are listed in Women Led & Highly Rated Best Beautician and Best Makeup Artist In Bhopal. Get Affordable Price List for Home Salon Bhopal by Beauty On duty Services.

Best Price For Threading At Home
EyeBrow, UpperLip, Forehead, SideLock & Chin
Eye Brow (L+R)30/-
Upper Lips20/-

Best Price For Bleach At HomeINR
Face & Neck - Regular Oxy80/-
Face & Neck - Nature's Gold120/-
Face & Neck - VLCC  Gold / Diamond160/-
Half Back - Regular Oxy150/-
Half Back - Nature's Gold180/-
Half Back - VLCC  Gold / Diamond220/-

Cleansing, Scrub, Steam, Blackheads Remove & Face Pack

Best Price For Cleanup At HomeINR
VLCC Fruit Cleanup400/-
VLCC Insta Glow Cleanup500/-
VLCC Anti Tan Cleanup600/-
BIOTIQUE Anti Tan Cleanup600/-
Shahnaz Whitening Cleanup600/-
Shahnaz Signature Cleanup600/-

Best Price For Facial At Home INR
» VLCC Salon Range Facial At Your Doorsteps 
Fruit Facial - 5 Step500/-
Insta Glow Facial - 5 Step600/-
Anti Tan Facial - 5 Step700/-
Skin Tightening Facial - 5 Step700/-
Gold Facial - 4 Step900/-
Diamond Facial - 4 Step999/-
» Blossom Kochhar Aroma Facial At Home 
Blossom Kochhar Skin Glow - Salon Series 7 Step Facial700/-
Blossom Kochhar Bridal Glow - Salon Series 7 Step Facial800/-
Blossom Kochhar Gold - Salon Series 7 Step Facial999/-
» Lotus Herbal Facial At Home Service 
Lotus White Glow 4 Step Facial700/-
Lotus Anti Tan 5 Step Facial700/-
Lotus Radiant Gold 4 Step Facial900/-
Lotus Radiant Diamond 4 Step Facial999/-
 » Shahnaz Facial At Home Salon Service 
Shahnaz Professional Power - Signature 7 Step Facial800/-
Shahnaz Professional Power - Whitening 7 Step Facial800/-
Shahnaz Professional Power - Anti-Aging 7 Step Facial800/-
Shahnaz Professional Power - Pigmentation Control 7 Step Facial800/-
Shahnaz Gold Facial - 5 Step Facial999/-
Shahnaz Diamond Facial - 5 Step Facial1100/-
Shahnaz Pearl Facial - 5 Step Facial1300/-
» BIOTIQUE Anti Tan Facial + Dark Spot Corrector800/-
» SARA D-TAN Radiance Facial950/-

Effective treatment for facial blemishes, wrinkles, and uneven skin pigmentation.

Best Price For Waxing At Home Honey Aloevera / D-Tan RICA
Full Hand 170/- 200/- 300/-
Under Arms  50/-  70/- 150/-
Half Leg 170/- 200/- 300/-
Full Leg 280/- 300/- 450/-
Face   80/- 100/- 150/-
Upper Lip   50/-   60/-   70/-
Half Back (Below Neck) 150/- 200/- 300/-
Full Back (Below Neck) 200/- 250/- 350/-
Upper Front 200/- 250/- 300/-
Stomach 150/- 200/- 250/-
Full Body 999/- 1199/- 1799/-
BIKINI Line Wax 500/- 600/- 800/-

Nail Cut, Shape & Paint Absolutely FREE! @ Home Salon In Bhopal By Beauty On Duty Services.

Best Price For Manicure Pedicure At HomeManicurePedicure
Fruit Classic300/-350/-
Anti Tan400/-500/-
Fruit Manicure-Pedicure 550/-
Soothing Manicure-Pedicure 800/-
AntiTan Manicure-Pedicure 999/-

Remove Sun Tan Quickly & Get Brightens Skin.

Best Price For Tan Removing At Home
Hand & Feet, Neck, Half Back 1000/-
Half Back (Below Neck)300/-

Best Price For Advance Hair Cut At HomeINR
U Cut250/-
V Cut250/-
Layer Cut300/-
Step Cut (3 Step)300/-
Trimming 1 Length150/-
Level Cut100/-

Best Price For Hair SPA At HomeINR
L'oreal Hair Spa - Shoulder Length799/-
L'oreal Hair Spa - Medium999/-
L'oreal Hair Spa - Long Above Lower Back1200/-

Best Price For Hair Color At Home

L'oreal INOA (Ammonia Free)
L'oreal Highlight Per Stick for Medium Length 300/-
L'oreal Highlight Per Stick for Long Length 400/-
L'oreal Root Touch-Up650/-
L'oreal Global Hair Color - Shoulder Length1200/-
L'oreal Global Hair Color - Medium Length1500/-
L'oreal Global Hair Color - Long Length1800/-

Best Price For Body Polishing At HomeINR
Aroma Body Polishing, Full Body Massage with Spa Treatment1800/-
Aroma Oil Full Body Massage1200/-

Best Price Professional Makeup At HomeINR
Day / Night / Party Makeup999/-

Best Price For Hair Styling At HomeINR
Hair Do - Juda300/-
Stylist Juda / Your Choice400/-
Hair Curling400/-
Hair Straightening400/-

Get Pristine Look with Water Proof & Long Lasting Wedding or Bridal Makeup @ Beauty On Duty Services

Our PackagesFor Bridal
For Engagement

INR = 4999/-

  • Makeup

INR = 1999/-

  • Makeup

INR = 7999/-

  • Makeup
  • Jewellery

INR = 2999/-

  • Makeup
  • Jewellery

INR = 14999/-

  • Makeup
  • Lahanga
  • Jewellery
  • FREE !
    2 Party Makeup

INR = 7499/-

  • Makeup
  • Lahanga
  • Jewellery
  • FREE !
    1 Party Makeup

Discover Your Hidden Beauty with Our Pre-Bridal Packages
@ Beauty On Duty Services

Our PackagesFor Bridal

INR = 2499/-

  • Threading
  • Oxy/Gold Bleach
  • Shahnaz Gold Facial
  • Full Alovera Waxing
    Covering 80% Of Body
  • Manicure-Pedicure
  • Nail Art And Fake Nails

INR = 3999/-

  • 2 Times Threading
  • 1 VLCC Gold Bleach
  • 1 VLCC Insta Glow Facial
  • 1 Shahnaz Gold Facial
  • Full Alovera Waxing
    Covering 80% Of Body
  • Fruit Manicure-Pedicure
  • Tan Removing Treatment
    Hand, Feet, Neck & Shoulder
  • Nail Art And Fake Nails

INR = 6999/-

  • 2 Times Threading
  • 1 VLCC Oxy Bleach
  • 1 VLCC Gold Bleach
  • 1 VLCC Insta Glow Facial
  • 1 BlossomK. SkinGlow Facial
  • 1 Shahnaz Gold Facial
  • D-Tan Cream Waxing
    Covering 80% Of Body
  • Body Polishing with SPA
  • Anti-Tan Manicure-Pedicure
  • Nail Art And Fake Nails

Pricing For Home Salon Bhopal
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Summary:Pricing For Best Home Salon Service In Bhopal ☎ +91-8085551400 » Only For Females.

Description:Facial was very calming and thorough, no hard selling at all the effect was amazing. Excellent service without any extra cost. If you can't go out it's best one to go for without any second thought. Staff was also good and well trained. Beauty On Duty, Best Home Salon Service In Bhopal ☎ +91-8085551400 » Only For Females
Rating: 4.9

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