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Beauty On Duty

Beauty On Duty Services Registered As A Firm Under Section 58(1) In The Indian Partnership Act

Beauty On Duty Beauty On DutyBeauty On Duty Services believe in beauty with a conscience. We carry quality professional herbal beauty and cosmetic products designed to ensure our guests look their best, both in the parlour and at your home, no extra charge for home service. We are committed to providing healthy beauty therapy services with a low impact on the environment. The beauty products we carry have been carefully chosen based on both quality and long lasting performance on your pristine look. Come see what your pristine look and our beauty therapy can do for yourself. We Can Assure You, Our Beauty Experts Will Give You A Holistic Beauty Therapy Including Deeply Relaxing with Full Refreshment. Your Body Cells Can Be Recharged, Boosting & Triggering the Rejuvenation Process At Beauty On Duty Services.

Our Vision

Our vision statement is providing a world-class beauty therapy experience accessible to everyone.

Our Mission

We want to make your beauty therapy experience as healthier, unique and memorable as you are.

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